10 Essential Marketing Tactics For A Successful Photobooth FranchiseSo you’ve bought into your chosen Photobooth Franchise and are ready and waiting to go. With the support of your photobooth franchisor you should be getting some ongoing central marketing support and guidance.

But remember at the end of the day this is your business and the success of your business will be down to the additional efforts you put into getting yourself known in your local market.

So where to you start?

Photobooth Franchise Marketing

1. Friends & Family

Lets assume that you are seeking your first booking. An obvious place to start would be with friends, relatives and if it is a part-time business or one your partner runs, then other work colleagues. Ensure you have business cards available to distribute to your friends and relatives, give them a supply and ask them to hand them out on your behalf at all relevant opportunities.

2. Facebook Page

If you are not already on Facebook, get yourself on there as soon as possible and set up a separate Facebook Page for your business. Let your friends and relatives know about your business, your website and your Facebook page and ask them to spread the word. You can then use your Facebook page to keep everyone updated on the events your are doing or offers that your make from time to time.

3. Google Adwords

Google Adwords – depending on whether your franchisor provides a central google adwords programme which includes targeting potential customers in your territory, you will want to consider setting up a Google Adwords account. At least in the early days of your photobooth franchise business. What you need to be careful of is your choice of keywords. As you are working in a specific territory you should focus your campaigns in those areas which can be done both by your keywords, including names of local towns and cities and Geo Targeting within adwords itself.

4. Twitter

Twitter – another essential social media platform to get yourself on is Twitter. However with this and your other social media platforms do not be tempted to use it purely as a medium to just push promotional messages. It is acceptable to throw out the occasional promotional message but you must primarily look upon them as conversational and sharing platforms – you will certainly benefit more in the long terms, by seeking ways of helping, advising and conversing with others who may have an interest in your business, than continually bombarding them with self promotions.

5. Other Social Media

Other social media platforms that you might want to consider would be Pinterest and Instagram. Both of these are image sharing platforms and lend themselves perfectly to your photo booth business. You just need to find some creative ways to use your photo opportunities.

6. Word Of Mouth

Once you have your first event booked this is where you want to focus your marketing activities. It is essentially free marketing for you. You will be in a position where you have a good crowd of potential customers who have not only now seen and hopefully experienced your booth, but who also appreciate what fun and enjoyment it brings to an event.

You therefore need to take advantage of every opportunity to get your details into the hands of these potential customers. This can be via your details printed on each of the photos they take away with them, separate flyers you hand out or maybe even details of a contest that they enter in return for some contact details. It is not unknown, over time, for an average of  2-3 additional bookings to be taken from each event attended.

 7. Local Press Releases

You should look to work with your franchisor on getting some coverage for your photobooth franchise in your local press. The obvious place to start would be the fact that you have opened up your franchise in your local area. You may have an interesting story around the circumstances which lead you to start your own business which you can use as well as the benefits your business will bring to the local community.

From there you should seek to find a different and interesting story angle in the work that you do and the bookings you take. Is the booking for a local celebrity? Have you agreed to donate the use of your booth to a local charity? These are all potential news stories that you can use for additional exposure of your business. Ask your franchisor for a press release template that you can use to keep your local media informed.

8. Wedding Fairs & Events

In the initial stages of building your photo booth franchise business there will be some weekends that you have not yet received a booking for your booth. Take advantage of the these times and look around for event where you can exhibit your booth or donate its use for free, for a good cause. Not only will it give you more practice in using your booth but also build your confidence in promoting, as well as gaining valuable exposure for your business.

 9. Search Engine Optimisation

It is likely if you are running your own photo booth franchise with a recognised franchisor that you will be given some degree of web presence to help promote your business. It is also likely they will be doing search engine optimisation work to help get your web pages ranked highly in the search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo etc. This does not however stop you from doing your own work to help this process. It would be recommended to speak with your franchisor to understand what search terms they are optimising on and which ones it would be advantageous for you to work on. You can then look at setting up your own blog and getting into relevant directories with links from those site to your web pages, using the relevant keyword text.

10. Referral Marketing

Take some time to draw up a list of the types of local businesses that might be able put business your way and vice-versa. One such type of business might be the local wedding dress shops. These are the types of businesses you should contact or pop along to and explain what your business is all about and ask if you can leave some promotional materials with them for them to hand out to their customers (as well as taking some of theirs to give to your others customers). You might also want to consider offering them a financial incentive for any bookings received through them. This again can be an excellent source of business and start to build your professional network in your local business community.

I hope you have found this article both interesting and useful. If you are interested in starting your own photobooth business simply click on the following link – Photo Booth Franchise information pack.


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