branded photo boothAs photo booths have become more and more popular, a big interest has developed from companies looking to use a branded photo booth for promotional and marketing purposes.

Popular uses of the booths include; product launches, awards ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions, promotional events as well as company parties & balls.

The benefit of the modern portable photo booth is that the outer walls can be completed branded to your own design specifications and requirements to create a unique branded photo booth for your particular event(s).

Another reason they have become very popular for corporate events is the social media sharing factor of the photos. Not only can the photos be branded with company logos & messages but they can also be uploaded direct to Facebook to be tagged and shared in real-time as the event is happening.

The photos can also be uploaded to password protected albums from where they can be shared across other social media platforms such as Twitter etc.

We often get asked what a branded photobooth might look like and have put together a collection of images below to give you some ideas:

 Branded Photo Booth Design Examples:

Further information on how you can use a booth for your event can be found at the following link - Branded Photo Booth Hire.

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