New York Taxi Photo Booth

The afternoon and evening of 18th December not only saw a rare sight on the streets of London but also rolling through the corridors of the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.

Our New York Taxi photo booth had been booked on a Photo Booth Hire by Added Dimension as a unique attraction for one of their clients Christmas Parties.

Driven by Photobooth Dave, the New York Taxi Photo Booth arrived in the capital during the late afternoon and after making its way through the streets of London, turning many heads and admiring glances as it rolled along it eventually arrived at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.

And that’s where the fun really started.

The Taxi Photo Booth was hired for the event which was being held in the second floor basement of the hotel. Both hotel staff and guests were therefore a little surprised to see a large yellow New York Cab being pushed slowly through the corridors to where it was to be staged for the evenings event.

Although things were a little tight in places, with the help of the hotel staff Photobooth Dave was able to position the taxi photo booth in good time for the start of the evenings festivities which was attended by about 600 employees from Added Dimension‘s client, Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT).




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