photo booth franchise territory mapping

When looking to create the photo booth franchise territories across the UK we were determined to make them as fair and as even as possible for all our franchisees.

Having looked at various ways in which we might be able to slice and dice the UK into regions it became blindly clear that the only way we could really achieve our aims were to employ the services of a professional mapping company.

However we also wanted to ensure that whoever we chose also had an extremely good understanding of the franchise market from both the photo booth franchise owners perspective and also from that of the franchisor.

Having researched the market we selected Atlas Mapping as our solution provider. Atlas was founded in 2010 on a passion for perfection, knowledge, and an understanding of how modern technology in data mapping can bring significant returns to the franchise market.

Intelligent Photo Booth Franchise Mapping

As a starting point Atlas mapped all the photo booth hire customers we had provided booths for over the last couple of years. Added to this were details of marketing activity to determine relevant ratios to assist in the development of the territory design criteria.

This not only required a bespoke design due to the unique nature of the photo booth franchise business but also an in-depth understanding of how a photo booth franchise business operates in order to cater for both densely and more lighter populated areas.

Photo Booth Franchise Map

Having completed the analysis Atlas Mapping then produced a full set of photo booth franchise territory maps and reports to provide both a visual understanding of how best to set the territories but also  the demographic data to support the mapping.From this expert analysis and mapping we have been able to achieve:

  • Professionally created photo booth franchise territories designed for maximum growth potential for franchisees
  • Photo booth franchise areas that take into account an intelligent analysis of consumer and commercial demographics in each area
  • A clear visual representation of territory areas easy for both franchisee and franchisor to work with.
If you are interested in a photo booth franchise simply click on the following link: Photo Booth Business Franchise


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