Photo Booth FranchiseIf you are in the market for to buy a photo booth you will have noted there are a number of options. These include investing in a photo booth franchise, buying a photo booth package or setting about trying to source all the components separately and creating your own package.

The latter I will look at in a separate post and for today I will concentrate on looking at the key differences between the photo booth franchise and a photo booth package and what difference it can make to the growth of your business.

Brand Recognition

The key difference between a franchise and a package deal is the benefit of the brand and and marketing klout and support you would get.  With a package you will need to come up with your own brand name, create your own brand identity, website and materials and invest on pushing your brand into the market to get it recognised.

With a franchise you be buying into an already well established brand and will be able to immediately benefit from all the investment the franchise operator will have already invested into developing an growing the brand identity in the market place. For the established and easily recognised brands this can equate to Tens of Thousands of £’s.

Marketing Expertise and Support

With a package deal there may be some limited marketing support or guidance but it is unlike to be anywhere near as extensive as a franchise. A good photo booth franchise will have their own dedicated and experienced marketing manager who will be continually promoting the franchise brand as well as keeping up to date with all the latest marketing and social media developments and techniques including Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter etc, from which each franchisee will benefit.

A franchise will also provide ongoing central marketing support to franchisees, leaving them to be able to concentrate on developing their business on a more personal and local level.

Keeping Ahead of Your Competitors

With the majority of package only deals you will be provided with your, booth, software, equipment and training on day one and the rest is mainly up to you. As you will be ware nothing ever stand still and there will undoubtedly be developments in the market place, technology and opportunities that you will need to keep up with.

A good photo booth franchise will again be keeping abreast of, if not leading these developments and sharing them with you as they happen. With photo booth software you should be looking for a package provider of franchise model that is continually developing their software to meet the demands of the market place and also create innovative ways to help you stand out from your competitors

Growing Your Business

As well as all the above, unless you are experienced in running your own business there will also be other areas of running a business that you will need to become familiar with. These include sales techniques, insurance, health & safety and if you are looking to grow beyond a single booth things such as employment.

Whilst as a business owner these will ultimately be your responsibility whether you are a franchisee or just purchase a package deal. However with a franchise operation you will benefit from not only from the experience and knowledge of the franchise company but also that of other members of the network again enabling you to concentrate more on your business development and growth.

The Cost Difference

You will probably agree that there can be significant benefits in a franchise model over just the purchase of a photobooth package deal. However there is a cost to these benefits which you need to consider in your purchase decision. In general the cost of a true photo booth franchise based business with all the support and and benefits associated with it, is likely to cost 2 to 3 times that of a pure booth package deal.

Beware however, there are some package sellers that dress their offer up as a “franchise”. As mentioned above, a true franchise operator is likely to have invested significant amounts, far and above the additional cost of your franchise licence, to ensure that as a franchisee you get the benefit likely to be beyond the reach of any package only operators.

You must therefore weigh up if the benefits you will gain from day one will enable you to quickly leap and stay ahead of  any non franchise based booth operators that are in or seek to set up in and around your area.

Follow these links for more information on either a photo booth franchise or the purchase of a photo booth package.

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