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Eva Photography Robot

Eva Photography Robot Hire – An Intelligent Welcome

Eva Photography robot will roam around the room and use facial recognition to latch onto a guest (or guests) and ask to take their picture.

Imagine how your event would be talked about with the first autonomous robot photographer to have integrated touch screen, social media and text messaging enabled. Do you want the WOW factor then this is it.

Stand Out From the Crowd with Eva Photography Robot Today. Be the first, Be Talked about.


Amy Plus Features:

  • Print Station nearby for Printing
  • Upload Images to Social Media
  • Email Photo’s to yourself
  • Text Image Links to Yourself
  • Facial recognition
  • Large 23.8-inch touchscreen
  • Intelligent smart cloud platform with 30 unique software programs enabled with a one-key switch allowing Amy to adapt to her environment
  • High degree of customization including but not limited to a company logo, greeting words, professional knowledge database within a special service sector, and chatting logo tracks
  • Smart map building based on the SLAM System
  • Infrared Sensors to achieve precise indoor navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • Frequent back-end updates
  • Uses a Dual OS with both the base layer algorithm system (Linux) and surface layer tablet system (Android) upgraded to run big processing programming

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