Alternatives to PhotoBooth Hire

Photo Booths are an expected attraction at any event and although they may vary in size and style, they all perform the same task and that is to provide not only entertainment for your guests but also to provide lasting memories with cherished photographs.

The Photo booth hire market continues to thrive and there are now more products available which are proving popular at events such as Weddings and Parties. The Magic mirror is incredibly popular and if you are thinking of starting a hire company, having more than one product to offer your customers is a must. This will also allow you to offer bundle packages and often party hosts will hire more than one product.

Photo Robots have more recently become incredibly popular and the Eva Photo Robot in particular is the latest must have for any party or event. The Photo Robot will roam autonomously and interact with your guests as well as being able to print the photographs at the event, your guests can also share them on social media platforms.

The Eva Photography Robot not only provides the wow factor for any event but it provides something different that your guests will love and if you can add this to your package, it will attract a higher amount of bookings.

Service robots are also becoming more popular and the Survey Robot is proving vital in settings such as Shopping Centre’s and businesses.  It is estimated that the Service Robot Market will grow by an estimated 20% per year over the next five years and anyone thinking of starting a hire Company should certainly look at the market going forward.


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