3 Alternatives To A Wedding Photographer

3 Alternatives To A Wedding Photographer

Your wedding: the biggest day of your life, the biggest bash you’ll ever throw, the most memorable moment in your relationship!

Everyone wants their wedding to be an event to remember and that’s why wedding photography is so important, pictures help immortalise your special day so you can look in years to come at the smiling faces of your loved ones but professional wedding photographers don’t come cheap.

There are creative solutions out there to help you stick to your budget while still throwing a party with a difference.

DIY Wedding Photography

Most of us are handy with a camera these days so why hire a professional for a job we can do ourselves?

Issue your guests with a disposable camera or have them come armed with their own and they can document the day from their own unique perspectives.

To make sure you get those all-important alter, first kiss, cake cutting, and first dance shots compile a list of the snaps you want to have taken and divide them up between a few key individuals so no one has to take more than a couple of pictures.

If you have enough people taking photos you’re bound to get some beautiful shots.

Hire A Photobooth

For a funky, modern twist to your wedding, you can hire a photo booth to capture the special day and your guests will love it.

Your pictures will be truly unique, your guests get to keep their own mementos of the event and you receive a beautiful and unique album of photos, modern booths even come equipped with video messaging so your guests can leave you something special.

Hire The Equipment Only

If you want professional equipment without the expense of the professional you can hire video cameras that your guests can pass around to capture the day and send them off later for editing, you’re left with a fantastic, professional-quality video memory at the fraction of the price.

Here at Photo Booth we have a fantastic range of modern photo booths available for any occasion, our booths are perfect for any wedding, party or special event, come complete with touch screens and high-quality cameras, and can accommodate up to 12 people at a time!

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