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What To Consider When Hiring a Photo Booth For A Party

Second only to the DJ, photo booths are rapidly becoming the must have guest entertainment at parties. However it is not just a case of googling or  ringing round a few booth companies and going with the cheapest price. There are a few things you need to consider when hiring a photo booth for a […]

3 Alternatives To A Wedding Photographer

Your wedding: the biggest day of your life, the biggest bash you’ll ever throw, the most memorable moment in your relationship! Everyone wants their wedding to be an event to remember and that’s why wedding photography is so important, pictures help immortalise your special day so you can look in years to come at the […]

5 Must Have Items For Your Teen Party

Throwing a birthday party is an art form! There are a million and one things to consider when it comes to throwing the ultimate birthday bash from booking the DJ, planning the food, arranging the guest list and booking the venue before you even start to consider those tiny details that turn it into the […]

How Video Booth Wedding Day Messages Capture Fun & Memories

Anyone who has been married will know how hectic the day can be. You start off with all the best intentions to make sure at some point during the day you will spend at least some time with all your friends, family, relatives and colleagues. Unfortunately for most couples this very rarely happens. On the […]

Wedding Photo Booth Hire – How To Choose One For Your Big Day

You’ve set your heart on getting a wedding photo booth for the reception on your big day. You know what a photo booth is and have a good idea of how they work. But what should you look out for when choosing your booth and supplier? Here we look at the key things you should […]

Your Photobooth Hire Photos – Do you Have the Copyright?

You’ve just stepped out of the photobooth hire at a party having taken some amusing snaps with your friends or colleagues, a few seconds later the picture drops into the photo tray and you all walk away laughing at or admiring the picture taken. The next day you wake up to find you have been […]