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Theme Photo Booth Pulls Crowds For FluxBabes at Classic Ford Show

Theme Photo Booth Pulls Crowds For FluxBabes at Classic Ford Show

Adrian Flux, one of the UK’s leading  Classic & Specialist Car Insurance Brokers recently used a theme photo booth with great success at the recent Classic Ford Show. Having used a theme photo booth at the previous years event, the events management team had no hesitation in booking a booth for this years event.

Seeking a stand attraction that was able to combine fun, brand recognition and Facebook social media sharing, Adrian Flux hired the latest green screen technology photo booth for their stand and the show.

As well as being able to post the photos from the theme photo booth direct to an album on the Fluxbabes Facebook brand page, they were also able to use the latest green screen technology to incorporate a branded digital image as a backdrop each photo, which customers were able to take away with them as a memento.

The photos were also designed to include their Facebook page url to encourage customers to visit the page and share their photos, during or after the event.

Fluxbabes Theme Photo Booth

Commenting on their theme photo booth, Ashley Hewitt, Social Media Manager at Adrian Flux Insurance said “Having the booth on stand allows another level of interaction between our promo girls, the Fluxbabes, and show attendees. Everyone that comes to the show will want to remember the great day they had, whether that’s a printed picture with their friends to take away – for free – or a picture with one of the beautiful Fluxbabes that they can share through Facebook and Twitter. ”

Adrian Flux took full advantage of all the theme photo booth branding opportunities by also having the outside of the booth fully branded with their own Fluxbabes brand images, colours and logo.

Having so far used the booth at this years Classic Ford Show and previously JapFest, the booth has also been booked for Performance Vauxhall Show, Japfest 2, Ford Fair and TRAX.