Wedding Photo Booth Hire – How To Choose One For Your Big Day

Wedding Photo Booth Hire – How To Choose One For Your Big Day

You’ve set your heart on getting a wedding photo booth for the reception on your big day. You know what a photo booth is and have a good idea of how they work. But what should you look out for when choosing your booth and supplier?

Here we look at the key things you should consider and/or ask your potential wedding photo booth supplier to ensure your wedding photo booth hire goes without a hitch.

Firstly you will need to consider your budget. How much have you allocated for your wedding photo booth hire? Currently prices range from around the £499 mark up to as much as £1200 for a top end booth in some of the more prestigious venues in London.

However if you allocate in the region of £500-£600 your should be able to secure a high quality booth that will not only provide your guests with great enjoyment and memories but also look that part in your chosen venue.

Next you will want to look at whether there is a Photo Booth Guest Book included in the hire package. Some companies provide this as part of the package or special offer whilst others will charge for it separately.

The idea behind the guest book is that for all photos taken a second one is printed and placed into an appropriately styled photo album by your photo booth attendant, next to which your quests can leave personal messages.

It is recommended that you go for a guest book as part of your package as they provide great lasting memories for you to cherish in the days, weeks and years following your big day.

Wedding Photo Booth Options

As mentioned above your booth should be attended by a professional, trained and smartly dressed Photo Booth Attendant, sometimes referred to as a booth butler.

Again ensure you ask your wedding photo booth supplier to confirm the booth will be attended. Your booth attendant will add great value to your photo booth hire by guiding any guests who are unsure what to do and also encouraging your guests to use the booth and where provided, use any fun props available.

When choosing your wedding photo booth supplier be sure to ask what options are available on the photo booth software. As a minimum you will want to have the options of single photos, multiple photos on a print (usually 4) and video recording.

Where video recording is available be sure to confirm the length of video is not limited in time – some booths will only allow up to 15 seconds of recording per message.

Other options should also included personalised messages and background for the photos as well as the possibility of “Green Screen”.

This is similar to what you may have seen on the TV or movies where your guests will be stood in front of a green screen at the back of the booth and can then select from a series of background that will appear behind them in the photo.

When it comes to the style of the actual booth some photo booth hire companies will offer you the option of having your booth personalised on the outside, although this can be expensive if you go for personalisation of the whole booth.

Other more simpler options would be the selection of the colour of the booth to match your chosen wedding colour scheme. However it is noted that the most popular choice is still the white wedding photo booth.

How many guests will fit into your wedding photo booth will depend on your booth style and shape. The majority of booths available are of the oval shape and will fit about 6 adults in.

Other shapes available on the market include the square and bullet shaped booths which tend to be able to accommodate 8-10 guests at a time – so it is worth considering the anticipated size of your groups of friends and family when selecting your photo booth.

Lastly the more mundane but essential elements of your wedding photo booth hire – those of insurance and health & safety. Your chosen wedding reception venue will undoubtedly request a copy of your photo booth hire company’s public liability schedule together with a copy of the PAT test certificate for the electronic equipment used in the booth.

All professional photo booth operators should be able to provide these without hesitation.

If you are considering hiring a photo booth for your wedding and want some further information simply click the following link wedding photobooth hire.